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Our Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) solutions efficiently assesses and detects defective regions in components, in accordance to user input and industrial standards.

ADR Framework

Quickly find critical defects and potential defect regions and customize based on user input and industrial standards.

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Application Areas

Radiography ADR

Powered by artificial intelligence, the Radiography ADR model learns from inspection weld data processing X-Ray, DR and CR images and implements industrial standards to automatically detect and identify defects in components.

Phased Array Ultrasonic ADR

Our Phased Array Ultrasonic ADR engine automatically isolates and identifies defects within welds in metals from raw data. The defects can then be visualized in 3D, B-Scan and S-Scan.

Vision ADR

The Vision ADR system analyzes imaging data captured by multiple cameras, automatically identifying and classifying surface defects in accordance with industrial standards.

Case Study

Film ADR for welds on Shipbuilding Structures

Shipbuilding - Film ADR-2.png

Vision ADR for Yarn cone and thread Inspection

Film ADR for Casting Automotive parts

Casting Automotive 1- Film ADR.png
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