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Enabling NDE 4.0 with Data

Empowering Industrial Insights From NDE Using Software Intelligence

What We Do

Our focus is to provide solutions with reliable output for enabling data-driven decisions in non-destructive evaluation (NDE) processes. We utilize advanced AI techniques to accurately identify and classify defects, gauge component condition, and uncover valuable trends.

The Problem

 Industries are increasingly digitizing inspection data as there is a growing need for rapid data analysis and value addition. Inspection data are primarily analyzed manually by qualified personnel making it a time consuming and people dependent process.

Streamlining NDE with data-driven AI

Accelerate the interpretation of inspection data with our automated defect recognition (ADR) and machine vision (MV) solutions. Our ADR and MV engine learns from trained data and patterns, presenting the output in accordance to customer needs and industrial standards.


ADR engine finetuned to identify different defect types in X-Ray film and computed radiography (CR) inspection images.


Raw phased array ultrasonic (PAUT) inspection data analysed by ADR software with a 3D view identifying defects and anomalies.

MV Analyze

Analyzes camera images for workspace improvements in quality control, compliance and productivity.

Our Clients

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