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Enabling Industry 4.0

Unleashing Intelligence from Data, Empowering Industrial Insights

What We Do

At Dhvani AI, we help industries get intelligent insights into their data using our advanced AI techniques. We provide cutting-edge software intelligence solutions that yield dependable results, empowering data-driven decision-making in the field of inspection.

Our solutions are focused on two key AI technologies. ADR or automated defect recognition, and machine vision. 

ADR - C.png


With ADR technology, we have built an AI engine to analyze the quality of industrial components from images and inspection data.




Machine vision provides video-based analytics for process, quality and productivity improvements in different workspace environments. 

Our Clients


Contact Us

Registered Office

1st Floor, IITM Research Park, Kanganam Rd, Taramani

Chennai - 600113

Main Office

No.10, CBI Colony, 2nd Main Road, Kandanchavadi,

Chennai - 600096.

+91 44 66469880

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